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Mystra Recruitment for CBT


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The set for the Closed Beta testing of the Mystra PW server has been announced.
In order to take part in the testing, everyone needs to write a message in this topic with the following content:
1. Your name
2. Age
3. Possible prime time (for example, I can play from 10:00 to 15:00)
4. Discord availability
The candidate is required to:
1. Desire and ability to write reports on the gameplay on the Mystra PW server
2. Adequacy and common efforts to make the server unique in its kind
3. Completion of tasks from the Administration
4. Honesty towards other testers
Possible awards and privileges for especially distinguished test takers:
1. The ability to become part of the server team (GM or Moderator on the forum)
2. Bonuses at the start for everyone who contributed to the development of the server
3. Mark on the forum "Participant of CBT", as well as in-game title
4. Cash bonuses

CBT starts soon.
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